Academy Science DC West Robotics Presentation

Academy Science enjoys robotics demonstrations. Today is a big day! We get to present to over one hundred middle school students! We are selecting two popular robot models for our presentation: Lego Education Mindstorms NXT and UNO PKI CEENBoT.
We have a US First FLL First Lego League award winning robot engineering design and build for a solid robot structure to demonstrate today. This robot is well designed and outfitted with all the NXT robot sensors to carry out programmed missions on the robot game board. This years challenge is designed around the Natures Fury theme. Academy Science followed the plan of saving lives first then property as time and resources allow. Our adult leaders and team coaches approve. DC West students are very interested in the presentation and ask a lot of good questions.
We have a CEENBoT Showcase awards winning robot design and programming documentation to demonstrate. In our photo presented here today you see the Academy Science team member demonstrating how he programmed the CEENBoT step by step that he designed to follow a maze in autonomous fashion. All team members contributed a share in the overall award winning documentation project for the robot design, build and programming.


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