Today Major Jeffrey Gipson is USAF 2nd Weather Squadron Director of Operations at Offutt AFB. Major Jeffrey Gipson oversees the day-to-day operations of more than 120 squadron members at seven locations around the world providing continuous worldwide planning and execution decision assistance to the Joint warfighter.


Maj Gipson directs operations for a $20-million solar telescope network and leads the DoD’s only real-time space weather prediction center monitoring the sun for earth-impacting activity. He directs the execution of terrestrial weather support to the National Intelligence Community.


The 2nd Weather Group (2nd WXG) delivers timely, relevant and specialized terrestrial, space and climatological global environmental intelligence to Joint warfighters, DoD decision-makers, national agencies, and allied nations for the planning and execution of missions across the complete spectrum of military operations through the operation, sustainment and maintenance of Air Force Weather’s $277M strategic center computer complex, production network, and applications.


We first met Maj Gipson at the MSEF Special Award Presentation from AFCEA.


Maj Gipson presents us with a grand view of space weather technology!
We appreciate his expertise and willingness to educate us!

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