Bridges are things for transportation to go over bodies of water, train tracks, roads, and etc. There’re seven types of bridges. One of them is beam bridges. Most of those bridges that don’t have support in the middle, but they have support on the two ends. There are many others bridges, but I would just like to talk about this one. The danger of a beam bridge is during the winter these bridges freeze and many cars would slip and will cause accident.

Deicing is the act of lower the freezing point. You can use many things to lower the freezing point. You could use the ground temperature, metals, warm water, and many other things.

My plan
I think the best way to make cars go safety across a beam bridge is to use aluminum to transport the ground heat to underneath the concrete to deice a bridge because I know the deeper underground you go the higher the temperature is. I think that’s the best way to deice a bridge.
– Joey

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