Academy Science is active in the community all year round engaging youth and adults in awesome interesting STEaM Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics and we have FUN!

We engaged many interested youth and adults throughout the summer. The time is here to say Adios Summer, Welcome Autumn as summer will be taking a vacation.

Adios Summer Celebration
Adios Summer Celebration

So, we are pleased to invite you to our celebration!

Adios Summer! Celebration All Are Welcome!
Who: You and your family and friends!
What: Adios! Goodbye Summer! Celebration
Where: Spirit Valley Minipark 105 N Spruce St
When: Saturday September 21st 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Why: Summer is going on vacation, Autumn will be upon us!

All Are Welcome! Youth, Adults, Teachers, Volunteers, Donors. All Interested Please Contact Lead Teachers Michael and Cathy Hanus 402-541-7019

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