World O! Water is an annual event hosted by the City of Omaha at Lake Wehrspann, a large man-made lake in a dam retained waterway constructed by the Papilion Missouri NRD. This dam site has evolved into its characteristic biome over the years. researches, participates and demonstrates a water themed project every year at this event. This year youth in the science program researched the need for fresh, clean water source at the Olympics. The presentation throughout the year is well received and met the criteria for demonstration at this event

WO!W demonstration setup
WO!W demonstration setup presents one of its CEENBoT robots that may be operated by youth or adults with a game pad controller or programmed to complete a list of instructions automously by way of a computer program with output compiled and downloaded to the robot.



Big thanks to all who turned out and shared! We enjoyed meeting and hearing from you! Supports the Community!


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