Sharing Your Life With a Dog Can Reduce Stress
Pets Help to Reduce Anxiety and Aid with Recovery
Humans have incredibly tough schedules, with long work hours, not enough sleep, and the growing responsibilities of every day life. There are estimates that one in every four among us has some form of mental disorder – primarily stress, and depression.

Stress Relieving Dogs
Stress Relieving Dogs


Not many take it as a sign of mental disorder, but prolonged stress and depression can have catastrophic effects on our well-being, and our mental abilities to stay focused and give proper attention to daily tasks. Some suggest one of the best remedies may be to get a pet dog or cat.

Research shows that pets, especially cats and dogs, are an excellent mood enhancer. There are numerous ways to reduce stress but pets have great advantages over many others.

Dogington Post, November 11, 2016.

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