I want to learn more about what can be done to assist Seniors in a disaster brought on by Nature’s Fury. I am in a science club that competes in First Lego League. Last year the theme was Senior Solutions. Seniors have difficulty using computers and getting the forms they need off the internet. I helped write a booklet instructing Seniors how to get this done. This year the FLL theme is Nature’s Fury. I want to combine the two themes in assisting Seniors prepare for an emergency or Nature’s Fury disaster.
Google Scholar led me to Ready.gov and I found information assisting Seniors in both preparedness for disasters and how to make a basic emergency supply kit.
Basic Disaster Supplies Kit:
A basic emergency supply kit should include water, food, radio and flashlight. Seniors may be interested in prescription medication, oxygen, food for service animals and information about their medical devices.
I plan to present this information to Seniors at science club demonstrations to the community.
– Vincent T.

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