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Twin Rivers YMCA in Valley has a youth program. The youth want to learn more about rockets. Academy Science has a rocket club. It is also affiliated with the 4-H. An Academy Science adult leader is a NASA Fellow by education, relationship, training and participation in NASA events. If you want a program to learn about and enjoy rockets, you have arrived at one great place on your educational adventure. has a Learn, Design, Build and Launch Rockets Program that is regularly updated and improved. If you want to visit us or have us come to your place, just contact us to get on the schedule.

On this day, visits the YMCA youth program at the Valley Library. Youth are briefed on the Four Forces of Flight. Then they are briefed on basic rocket design and how to optimize the four forces. youth help them design and build compressed air powered rockets from school supplies that will fly as well as solid propellant rockets out of the popular manufacturers box.

After the rockets are ready to launch, the youth line up and walk safely to the park where the rockets are launched and performance is measured. Air pressure, launch angle, altitude and distance are recorded as data is crunched to see who has designed, built and successfully flown the best rocket.

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