2014 Omaha River City Rodeo RCR Theme
The Best versus the Best – True Legends are Made in Omaha

The RCR Robotics Competition games, like the individual RCR Rodeo events, are played and come to conclusion quickly.
The Robots are controlled by Youth training to take on the challenge for less than one month.
The Bull is played by Sphero.
When used, the Sphero is an iPad remote controlled ball about the size of a pool table game ball. I understand that an RCR staff member will be controlling the Sphero in these games.

4 robot games:

1. Barrel Racing
An Individual Robot runs around three barrels in specific pattern as quickly as possible. The robot must maneuver around three barrels placed in triangular arrangement as quickly as possible. This is done with youth controlling the robot wirelessly but could be done with autonomous robot programming at another time and place.

2. Mutton Bustin
60 seconds for two Robots in a team to round up as many ping pong ball sheep as they can and place ping pong ball sheep in a specific containment area after navigating up a ramp. It will be important to work as a team.

3. Bull Riding
30 seconds for two Robot bullfighters in a team to rescue cowboy from Sphero bull by keeping Sphero from knocking down cowboy. Lifting the Sphero off the floor is not allowed. It will be important to work as a team.

4. Team Roping
60 seconds to immobilize Sphero with two Robots in a team. Both team players MUST each Raise a hand when you have Sphero contained and need the necessary 6 second countdown to begin. It will be important to work as a team.

Like the RCR Rodeo Livestock events, will the Robot or the Livestock win?
Let’s go watch and Cheer our favorites on!


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