How and Where Do I Find My Geocache Treasure?

Mr Gary and his son Eric are experienced geocachers. Geocaching is defined as an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches.” (
Mr Gary and his son Eric are Academy Science members. They organized and presented Geocaching to Academy Science. They told us about the history of geocaching and how geocaching works. We learned about various geocache terms including:
Multi-point cache – travel from cache site to cache site;
Mystery cache – crossword puzzle, letters, numbers, formulae;
Travel bug – ID number, track it as it moves from cache to cache; and
Virtual cache – neat location, but difficult to access.


After a great presentation format explanation, Mr Gary and his son, Eric took us on an adventure to find geocaches at Standing Bear Lake.


Due to their great coaching, it did not take long to find the first geocache!


Now we are putting our minds and plans together to locate the next geocache on our list!


Some paths to finds geocache are tricky!


Sometimes you have to look around the place where your map, coordinates and GPS inform you to expect the cache!


We see a landmark on the return leg that we missed on the outbound leg!


We enjoyed the geocache exploration exercise adventure. It is time to share a healthy snack!


We hope you enjoy reading about our activity as much as we enjoy participating. If you are interested in adventures like these, contact our science club!


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