NASA Builds Rockets

Of course NASA is in the rocket engineering design and building business. Academy Science designs, builds, launches, flies and recovers rockets too! NASA rockets are ginormous in comparison, but ours are pretty slick. Here is a picture of our Academy Science mobile rocket building laboratory.


When the rockets are hand built, they are measured, studied and admired extensively then taken outside for a real flight under real atmospheric meteorological conditions. Today happens to be 26 C, 52 % humidity, 30.12 rising barometric, with an 18 knot wind coming from the SW (225).

Launch pressure is 30 lbs. per sq. in. Launch angle is 45 degrees to horizontal pointing north (360). Longest rocket flight distance is 157 meters. Highest elevation is 32 meters.


Here is a post flight celebration photo.

As you can see, it was a great flight. All rockets flew well and upon landing could be retrieved and used again!

If this interests you, come build and fly with us! Yahoo!
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